Health Worker Application

The Women's Community Clinic runs on the strength, commitment, and passion of our volunteers. Our volunteer-based organizational structure creates an unparalleled level of investment—we want to be here, we love what we do, and we value the input of all who are involved in and impacted by our work.
Our community of 100 active volunteer health workers provide our clients with affordable, high-quality health care. These health workers provide healthcare and outreach related services to women and girls in the Bay Area. 
Since we were founded in 1999, our volunteer Health Worker Program has grown in popularity and we now routinely have far more applicants than positions which creates a competitive application process.
After receiving your applications and considering the Clinic’s needs, your skills, and your availability, we will email to let you know if you've been invited for an interview. 
Important Dates
  • Applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, January 22, 2017  (you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of  your application)
  • If invited, interviews will be offered between February 1 and 15.
  • If you are selected to join our Health Worker Program, the mandatory training is all day (approximately 9am to 5pm) on Saturday and Sunday, March 4 and 5
  • Volunteer shifts start the week immediately following the training.
  • Volunteer shifts end in August 2017

About You
The following application is the first chance for us to get to know you!  Please consider all the questions carefully as you answer them as this is a very competitive process (we typically get over 80 applications for about 20 volunteer spots).  It is strongly encouraged that you work on your answers in a word processor and then cut and paste you answers into the application -- the application does time out after a certain amount of time and your work could be lost.
Contact Sindura Reddy, at or (415) 820-7360 should you have any questions. Also, check out our website for more information:

Closed Until 8/31/2017